jeudi 3 septembre 2009

Liens et adresses pour contacter vos élus

Suite au message précédent, voici quelques liens et adresses pour contacter vos élus en France.
Vous pouvez nous envoyer, pour l'information des lecteurs, des copies de vos messages dans la zone "commentaire" de ce blog.

Aucun accord sur le dossier nucléaire ne sera acceptable si les droits de l'Homme en Iran continuent à être bafoués.

Présidence de la République
Monsieur le Président de la République
Palais de l'Elysée
55, rue du faubourg Saint-Honoré
75008 Paris

Premier Ministre
M. Le Premier ministre
Hôtel de Matignon
57, rue de Varenne75700 Paris

Ministère des Affaires Etrangères
M. Le Ministre des Affaires Etrangères
37, Quai d’Orsay
75351 Paris

Ecrire aux députés et au Président de l’Assemblée Nationale
Liste alphabétique des députés
Liste par circonscription
Assemblée Nationale
126 rue de l'Université
75 355 Paris 07 SP

3 commentaires:

  1. Lettre transmise au Premier Ministre Australien par un citoyen

    The Honorable Kevin Rudd
    The Prime Minister of Australia

    Dear Prime Minister,

    I apologize in advance for my presumption to write to you. I feel I have no choice. I read with a heart filled with emotion and pride your forthright remarks in the Parliament about the so-called presidential election in Iran and its aftermaths. I know you have a very busy schedule so I will try to be as brief as possible.

    There can be no doubt that the ‘election’ of Ahmadinejad was fraudulent. The evidence is overwhelming, manifold in kind, and covers so many aspects of the sorry process. I will not go into great detail here and only point out that it was completely planned and there was from the beginning no question as to what rat was to be pulled out of the hat of election.

    Tehran and other big cities of Iran have been turned into concentration camps. The videos, reports and letters coming out of Tehran, Tabriz, Rasht, Shiraz, Isphahan, Mashad describe horrific scenes that reduce any decent person to shame: can these ‘people’ who commit such horrors be of my kind? Tehran is under a ruthless occupying force manned by psychopaths and mercenaries whose hostility to all manifestations of urban life and culture beggars belief. They kill and beat and destroy with impunity. Hundreds of students, activists, journalists, politicians are under arrest and subject to all kinds of physical and psychological torture, including rape. The families of the killed have been asked to pay ‘bullet money’ if they want to receive the bodies of their loved ones. People, especially young women, are attacked on the streets with baton wielding Special Guard units on motor bikes. At the time of this writing, journalists and activists are still being arrested. The Islamic regime wants to shut down all communication channels so it can carry out its murderous design under the cover of dark. The atrocities the hijackers of the election have committed so far will pale in magnitude with what they will still do if they are not checked - we may be certain of this.

  2. One cannot remain silent in the face of such atrocities. Every word, every step, is helpful. Just as the Islamic regime is relentless in its murderous persecution of the citizens of Iran so we, the freedom-loving people of the world, must be resolute in our campaign to bring hope, solace and protection to them.

    The outcome of the struggle taking place in Iran is important not just to Iranians but to the whole world. We all have to live with it for years to come. I have written this letter mainly because I think that the analyses you find in the media and among the experts are misleading on two important counts: one as to the nature of the conflict, its political meaning and protagonists; and one as to the assessment of the situation. As to the latter, despite what the regime wants to pretend, the hijackers have not yet succeeded in establishing their dictatorship. Bazaar strikes and campus protests are daily phenomena despite the fact that they are not reported in the media here. The hijackers are vulnerable. They can be kicked out if serious, sustained international pressure is added to the domestic opposition. This latter is as comprehensive as one can possibly desire. Political and diplomatic isolation of the regime, as the Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi among others has asked for, will be effective. The regime has serious economic and financial problems (e.g., has virtually no hard currency reserve, the inflation is over %30, etc.), has serious ethnic and religious minority issues, etc.

    As to the nature of the conflict, the power struggle underway in Iran is between an alliance of an extremely reactionary Shia sect named Hojatieh and the mafia of the so-called Guards of the Islamic Revolution on one hand, and ordinary Iranians, civil and religious elites, intellectuals, along with the reformist and, more cautiously, conservative factions of the regime, on the other. The security apparatus controls almost the entire Iranian economy directly or indirectly, and now wants to secure it with unfettered political power. I think it is important to be clear about the meaning of its political empowerment. Imagine, if you will, a Pakistani-ISI type, with all its conspiratorial machinations, guided by a virulent Taliban-like sect which sees its role as preparing the way for the coming of the 12th Imam, their messiah! Whether the sword serves the ideology or uses it as pretext for its own Machiavellian ends is not important. If the hijackers manage to establish themselves, it will not be just Iranians and the region but the whole world that will have to contemplate the real possibility of a military confrontation between the Islamic regime and a Likudite Israel. The crisis of legitimacy the regime ends up with makes such a possibility even more likely. If I am right in my assessment, virulent militarism will be a constitutive feature of the new system, and not an aspect of its rise to dictatorial power.

  3. Dear Prime Minister,

    Will the West and Israel accept a militaristic millenarian Islamic regime in Iran with access to nuclear weapons? If the answer is no, as you will agree, then the question is how to prevent that from happening. We know where our inaction will take us. Is it where we would want to go? Either we accept the bearable costs of isolating the regime and forcing the hijackers from power now, or bear the ominous consequences of our failure to act in near future.

    Who holds power and how they have come to it do absolutely matter for how the outstanding problems between Iran and the West are resolved and what role the Tehran government plays in the region. A chastened Supreme Leader will be beholden to the president he did not want to acknowledge, and a reinstated president will be beholden to the people and civil institutions and civic actors who elected him and fought for his reinstatement. As far as the international community is concerned, negotiation on all issues with such a president will be much more a process of reasoned discussion than that of subterfuge, posturing and second-guessing, which as we know leads only to insecurity and distrust. It is possible to turn things around with initiative and diplomatic imagination. A UN appointed human rights observer should go to Iran without delay. Hundreds have been killed so far, and at least as many missing.

    I know you would like Australia to play a bigger, more leading role in the international arena. And I know this is not for the sake of prestige or the like, but in order to be a force for the good, to be an enlightened actor committed to making the world a better place for all. Please, will you see this matter in that light? I apologize again for taking up so much of your time.

    Yours truly